Auburn president approves move to replace trees at Toomer’s Corner if needed


Technically, the trees at Toomer’s Corner aren’t dead yet, but Auburn is planning as though the oak trees won’t be around much longer.

Earlier this week, Auburn president Jay Gogue approved the recommendation from the Committee to Determine the Future of Rolling Toomer’s Corner (yes, that exists) that if the trees don’t survive, a temporary set-up will be created where fans can roll another object while new trees are planted.

The recommendation came from a fan poll taken last year.

The new trees would already be fairly large in size. If new trees are planted, it may be 3-5 years before they can “handle the stress” of being rolled. What would be rolled while the new trees are being planted is yet to be determined.

But, dead or alive, the current trees at Toomer’s Corner could be rolled through 2012; after that, it’s less certain. Auburn’s Department of Horticulture has expressed doubts that the oak trees will last much longer than a year. A better assessment of the health of the trees will be taken in the spring.

The man accused of poisoning the oak trees, Harvey Updyke, is set to go to trial on March 5.

(Tip of the cap: The War Eagle Reader)