Les Miles takes the low road, blasts Gunner Kiel


What’s the old saying, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?  Apparently, hell’s never met Les Miles.

For those unfamiliar, Indiana high school quarterback Gunner Kiel committed to LSU in late December — after he had committed to then decommitted from the Indiana Hoosiers, mind you — before flipping his verbal Bayou commitment into early enrollment at Notre Dame.

Despite bringing in a big-time recruit — literally — at the position, the fact that Miles lost out on one of the top quarterback recruits in the Class of 2012 apparently displeased the Tigers head coach, as evidenced by the video below.  You can fast-forward to about the 1:36 mark if you’re so inclined:


Really coach?  Saying an 18-year-old kid doesn’t have the chest — i.e. a region of the body a couple of feet further south — or the ability to lead a program because he had the temerity to ditch your football team for another?

And people wonder why some fans of college football programs are the way they are; look at how the men they idolize and worship act when they don’t get what they want on the recruiting front.

I have a ton of respect for Coach Miles but that was beyond a classless and tasteless move.  Get over yourself and be a better man than a sizable portion of the fans that hang on your profession’s every word, coach.

(Tip O’ the Video Cap: LSU Daily Reveille)