Updated: Bobby Petrino said he was alone on motorcycle


Uh… what?

When Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino was involved in a motorcycle accident on Sunday, a police statement Monday morning only mentioned Petrino in a recap of the incident.

Turns out, the coach wasn’t alone.

A police report released states that Petrino had a female passenger on the back of the motorcycle at the time of the accident. The woman has been identified as Jessica Dorrell, a former UA volleyball player and Razorbacks Foundation employee who became the student-athelte development coordinator for football last month.

That report conflicts with an answer Petrino gave 5News in Arkansas Tuesday after his press conference. When asked if he was alone on the bike, Petrino answered with “yeah.” 

Below are snippets from the report:

“Accident situation: operator Petrino (V-1) was traveling west on his motorcycle in the westbound lane of Arkansas State Highway 16 with passenger Dorrell riding on the back…

Post crash activities: Operator Petrino (V-1) and passenger Dorrell were not present at the accident scene when I arrived. EMS was not notified of the traffic accident. Operator Petrino (V-1) and passenger Dorrell were transported from the collision scene to the intersection of East Huntsville Road and Crossover Road in Fayetteville… Upon arrival at the intersection… passenger Dorrell departed in her personel [sic] vehicle. Operator of (V-1) Petrino was transported to physician specialty hospital by ASP Captain Lance King in his ASP vehicle.” 

When asked on Tuesday about how he received help at the site of the accident, Petrino answered as follows:

“When I came out of a ditch, there was a lady there that had flagged down a car. And the guy that was in the passenger seat said get in we’ll just take you right to the hospital.”

The police report states officers spoke with both Petrino and Dorrell on Tuesday in a follow-up to the accident.

Arkansas’ release on the incident said the accident involved “no other individuals.”  The school has not commented on the matter since the police report was released.

The question now becomes a matter of who didn’t tell the truth, Petrino or the university?

(Hat tip: Arkansas Times)