South Carolina’s backup QB reinstated following suspension


Not one week after being charged with speeding and driving after consuming alcohol while younger than 21, South Carolina quarterback  Tanner McEvoy is back with the team.

Steve Spurrier confirmed the return on Sunday via the Post and Courier of Charleston.

“Tanner’s back. He’s been approved to come back to the team. Do you know what he got arrested for? He told me … I think South Carolina doesn’t have that law. North Carolina has that law (about underage people not being allowed to drink any alcohol at all before driving). He got arrested for it, and he’ll pay his fine. You want him suspended for having a beer and he’s underage? How many football players would be playing if they had a beer and they were underage? But anyway, go talk to coach Tanner (athletic director Ray Tanner) about that, if we’re going to suspend him, OK? I’m not going to suspend him for that, all right? But I don’t know if he’s going to play anyway.”

Probably not. McEvoy was expected to compete to be Connor Shaw‘s backup, but that’s about it. One would think any kid (or coach) getting busted for alcohol-related charges, no matter how commonplace they may be, would draw ire from Spurrier given the notable incidents involving former quarterback Stephen Garcia and QB coach G.A. Mangus. Instead, he appears rather jaded to the whole situation.