Penn State board reportedly ready to ratify sanctions, move on


Early Thursday morning during Penn State media day, coach Bill O'Brien emphasized that it was time to move on from the sanctions handed down to the program from NCAA president Mark Emmert.

“We’re very, very mindful of what happened here. But it’s time, in my opinion, this is just my opinion, it’s time to stop the dour attitude. It’s time to think of ways to help us through this,” O’Brien said.

Looks like O’Brien will get his wish.

ESPN’s Outside the Lines reports that Penn State’s board of trustees will hold a special meeting this Sunday to “formally ratify the consent decree” agreed to by university president Rodney Erickson and the NCAA last month. The decision reportedly came Tuesday evening during a conference call.

“We have heard from President Erickson and from our legal team. We have had an opportunity to speak our minds. I appreciate everyone’s candor and your sincere and heartfelt comments,” said board chairwoman Karen Peetz to other trustees in an email obtained by the Associated Press. “However, it is now time to put this matter to rest and to move on. As I said in my opening remarks on Tuesday evening, we need a laser focus on the future of the university. We need to be unified and we need to work together.”

Earlier this week, a handful of trustees filed an appeal to Emmert’s sanctions against the program with the intent of possibly pursuing a federal lawsuit to invalidate the sanctions. The NCAA has stated multiple times the sanctions against Penn State are binding because the consent decree was signed. OTL states that most of the trustees aren’t in line with any sort of appeal, though the possibility of a federal lawsuit still exists.