Big 12, SEC to show more replays on stadium video boards


While replacement officials are drawing way too much negative attention to the NFL, the SEC is going the opposite direction and doing something positive when it comes to controversial calls.

The conference announced today that more replays, including calls under review, will be shown on video boards around the 14 league stadiums. Screens will be permitted to show replays from the TV network broadcasting the game. Additionally, schools are no longer limited in the number of replays they can show in real time.

In the Big 12, a replay will now be shown up to three times in real time.

“The change in policy will allow our fans to see more of the action, including great plays and close calls,” SEC commissioner Mike Slive said in a statement. “Fans in the stadium now can see many of the same views of a play seen by fans watching on television. This should add to the overall game experience for fans inside our stadiums.”

And that’s really the point: to continue to encourage game attendance. Pro football is geared toward the viewer at home and college football is headed that direction as well. This is the SEC doing its best to replicate what makes home viewership so popular: the ability to see everything from every angle.

It’s a good move, a necessary move.

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