Big Ten Network, DISH unable to come to agreement


Last week, we noted that the Big Ten Network and DISH had agreed in principle to a long-term partnership. Turns out, that won’t be going through as expected.

The BTN announced early Saturday morning that its agreement with the satellite company to carry games has expired. Here’s the release from the conference:

“As of September 14th, BTN’s distribution agreement with Dish expired despite our best efforts to finalize an agreement. We are disappointed that Dish does not see the value in the network in the same way that so many of their customers do, including Big Ten students, alumni, fans and viewers across the country who continue to pay Dish for a channel they no longer receive.”

While this doesn’t officially end the chances of a B1G/DISH partnership, it’s not the best news in a world where the TV deal rules all. Also, insert your “yeah, well after last weekend who would want to pay to watch the Big Ten wakka wakka amirite?” jokes here.