John L. Smith to media: ‘Smile!… If not, I’m not talking!’


These are indeed tough times for the Arkansas Razorbacks. A season that once had BCS championship aspirations has tragically morphed into 1-2 start that has taken its toll on both players and fans alike.

Early season struggles haven’t worn on coach John L. Smith, though. Despite the fact that his chances of being the coach of the Razorbacks beyond his 10-month contract are somewhere between no way and no how, Smith is at least coming in every day with a smile on his face and, wait, why aren’t you smiling, media?!?!?!

“Let’s go. You guys look like it’s… pick it up a little bit, Okay? Get your chin up,” Smith beseeched media members at the start of Monday’s press conference. “Smile! Smile! Okay? Dang, you guys all right? If not, I’m not talking!”

As always, #Pray4Arkansas.

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