Harlem Shakin’ Frank Beamer wins the Internets


We’ve been doing our level-headed best to stay as as far away as we can from the “Harlem Shake” fad as we can… and then this happens.

Damn you, Frank Beamer.  Damn you.

There’s really not much that needs to be said about this.  The Virginia Tech football team became the latest to cannonball into the “Harlem Shake” pool with a video posted Monday morning, with their long-time head football coach making a 15-second appearance at the beginning of the clip that is spectacularly glorious.

Actually, “spectacular” and “glorious doesn’t even begin to describe the 66-year-old Beamer cutting a locker-room rug.  Behold:



[this GIF on an endless loop]

Your move, Paul Johnson.

Perhaps the best reaction came from Shane Beamer, Hokies assistant and son of the coach.  Or, more specifically, from Shane Beamer’s young child.

Shane Beamer Tweet