Video of Jameis Winston’s ‘crab caper’ released


And, suffice to say, it won’t be up for any Academy Awards.  Or really much of anything for that matter.

If you haven’t heard, Jameis Winston was involved in an incident late last month in which he was issued a misdemeanor citation for “forgetting to pay for” nearly $33 worth of seafood from a grocery store.  The reigning Heisman Trophy winner, after being suspended from the Florida State baseball team, apologized for the misstep.

A couple of weeks later, the incident is back in the headlines as the Tallahassee Democrat has obtained security camera footage of Winston walking out of the Publix — right behind a security officer — with the hot seafood clearly visible.

Previous reports had Winston evading security on his way out the door; based on the video below, who knows:


Scintillating stuff, isn’t it?

There will reportedly be a “sequel” released with additional footage, although how much visual excitement and stimulation the general public can handle in one day is up for debate.