Bowling Green QB recruit drafted by Cleveland Indians


There are always going to be some college football players or incoming football players hearing their names called during the Major League Baseball Draft. Nebraska has already lost a wide receiver recruit to the Milwaukee Brewers and the San Diego Padres drafted Johnny Manziel. Bowling Green could also be at risk of losing an incoming freshman quarterback.

The Cleveland Indians drafted Cody Callaway, a quarterback in Bowling Green’s recent recruiting class, in the 34th round on Saturday in the MLB draft. Callaway was a two-sport star in high school, earning all-state honors in both football and baseball, and he was expected to play both sports at Bowling Green. His father also played baseball at Bowling Green.

Callaway’s position is different from the one that played out for Monte Harrison. Harrison was also heading to college, at Nebraska, to play football and baseball. Those plans changed when the Brewers drafted him with the 50th overall pick in the MLB draft, which comes with a slotted value of a little over $1 million in bonus money. The Brewers sweetened the deal by agreeing to $1.8 million in bonus money if Harrison chose to get started on his path to the majors instead of attending Nebraska to play wide receiver and baseball. Harrison accepted that offer and has been signed by the major league club.

Callaway may be much more likely to follow through with his two-sport college plans. The late draft pick lacks the financial incentive Harrison was offered and a few years at the college level could be a benefit further down the road.