Ole Miss suspends “kicker” for first half vs. Texas A&M


On Saturday Ole Miss defensive back Trae Elston was seen allegedly kicking Alabama running back Kenyan Drake as Drake was screaming in pain on the ground at the end of a play. Drake suffered a broken leg Saturday afternoon in a gruesome injury. Elston appeared to use his left leg to kick Drake in the left arm as he walked away from the play.

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze was made aware of the incident in question and acted quickly. Elston was issued a half-game suspension by the school for the kick, forcing him to miss the first half of this weekend’s game at Texas A&M. The SEC has opted to accept the punishment and will not tack on any extra suspension time for Elston.

Unlike previous half-game suspensions we have paid attention to, the odds are pretty good this suspension will remain limited to the first half. Is a half-game suspension a worthy punishment for this action? You can have the debates over the value or severity of a half-game suspension if you wish. Whatever you way you go with that argument, there is one thing we can probably all agree on. Kicking a player on the ground at the end of a play, injured or not, is pretty darn stupid.