Former Spartan Kyler Elsworth rips MSU student section


A key member of Michigan State’s Big Ten championship team and Rose Bowl championship team in the 2013 season was not too fond of the Michigan State student section Saturday night. Kyler Elsworth, currently a member of the Canadian Football League’s Montreal Aloutettes, vented his frustration with students leaving early Saturday night. Michigan State was in the process of losing at home to Ohio State in a major Big Ten conference game, so some fans may have seen the writing on the wall.

The issue of students leaving early is nothing new for Michigan State of course. Earlier this season Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio shared his take on students leaving early against Nebraska, which may have taken away some of the home-field advantage for the Spartans. Nebraska rallied in the game earlier this season but Michigan State managed to hold on for the win.

It was pretty cold for both of those games, which were pretty much decided at the points when students started to make their way to the exits. Fans have a right to leave when they want. If a game is pretty much decided and it’s cold outside, college kids are going to move on to something else on a Saturday night.