Football revenue keeps Alabama rolling in dough


Alabama continues to be turning a major profit and football is a big reason why.

Alabama’s athletics department turned a profit of $33 million in 2013-2014, an increase of a little under $6 million from the previous season according to a report from For Alabama, it has now been a decade since the last time the university’s athletics department operated at a loss. Perhaps not so much a coincidence, the past decade has seen significant success by the football program under head coach Nick Saban, which has led to more chances to increase revenue. Alabama has also benefitted from increased media packages as a university and as a member of the SEC over that same stretch of time.

Per the information in the report, Alabama football generated $53.3 million surplus with revenues of $95.3 million. That’s not bad at all, and the revenue growth is 6.6 percent up from the previous year. New media deals helped increase profits as expected, but profits from royalties went up more than double from the previous year ($4.5 million compared to $1.3 million).

For the sake of comparison, Auburn reportedly operated with a $13.6 million deficit in 2013-2014. Funding to send the football program actually created a good dent in the books at Auburn as well with a trip to Pasadena, California and the BCS national championship against Florida State to budget. Alabama made a much closer trip to New Orleans in the Sugar Bowl at the end of the 2013 season (and did so again this past season for the College Football Playoff).

It’s not bad being Alabama.

Documents obtained by show Alabama invested $9.1 million from the athletics surplus back into the university, an increase by just over $3 million from the previous season. Just imagine what the future has in store under new autonomy rules for power conferences. The rich will soon get richer.