Racist video purportedly from OU frat draws Sooner response


Regardless of your stance on the state of race relations in this country, there should be little argument that it still has a ways to go.

The latest example of just how far?  Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity.  Allegedly.

The website TotalFratMove.com as well as Complex.com posted a 10-second video Sunday that the former describes as being “recorded by an occupant aboard what appears to be a chartered bus full of Sigma Alpha Epsilon members from the University of Oklahoma.” In the video, the frat boys who are allegedly headquartered in Norman are, well, loud and proud with their chants of a certain racial epithet as well as their lynching references.

The video appears below and, depending on where you work, it may not be safe for it.


The transcription of the genius prose is as follows, and saved for perpetuity on the off-chance that the video is deleted:

There’ll never be a n*gger SAE [clap clap]
There’ll never be a n*gger SAE [clap clap]
You can hang ‘em from a tree, but they’ll never [inaudible drunken slurred word that was no doubt profound] with me…
There’ll never be a n*gger SAE…

Not surprisingly, the backlash has commenced, not the least of which comes from past and present members of the OU football program:

The following tweet, though, really drives the situation home on multiple levels, and at levels that would likely make a significant number of people uncomfortable — especially as the video surfaced the day after the Selma commemorations.


In a statement posted to his official Twitter account, OU president David Boren wrote that “If the video is indeed of OU students, this behavior will not be tolerated and is contrary to all of our values. We are investigating.” The national SAE president, Brad Cohen, took to the same social media website to tweet that “The chapter has immediately been placed on a cease & desist. No place for racism. They will be dealt with!” as well as “I know I speak for all when I say I’m disgusted and shocked by the video involving our @sae1856 chapter at Uof OK. They will be dealt with.”

Those tweets came three days after Cohen sent out a congratulatory tweet directed at the same fraternity, prior to that chapter embarking on what appears to be an ill-fated bus trip.