Army to keep using ‘Black Knights’ nickname after all


For those who were all nonplussed over black helicopters reportedly dropping political correctness on one of this great nation’s service academies, you can sleep a little easier tonight.

A report surfaced last week that Army was set to ditch its “Black Knights” nickname in favor of the “Cadets,” which had been one of the academy’s unofficial nicknames prior to the former becoming official in 1999.  All that angst was wasted, however, as Army, as part of its “rebranding” announcement Monday, revealed that “Army West Point will continue to use Black Knights as a nickname” for its sports teams.

The rebranding will commence in earnest, though, as Army and Nike, in what was described as an 18-month brand evolution process, have “[enhanced] and [perfected] the celebrated marks of the United States Military Academy, honoring the duty, leadership and rich history of academics and athletics, key characteristics and attributes associated with the Academy.”

For uniforms moving forward, “[t]he primary color palette contains Army Black, USMA Gold, Gray and White” the release states. There will also be a new primary logo for all sports: a very prominent display of the Athena Shield.

The Athena Shield is indisputably iconic and unique to Army West Point Athletics. It signals a consistent foundation that honors the brand equity that has been built across centuries of service, competition and sacrifice while creating distinction and reinforcing the Army West Point Brand for the next generation. The Athena Shield is comprised of four unique elements (the shield, helmet, sword and star) that come together to represent Army West Point Athletics with power and authenticity.

Athena Shield

One final part of the rebranding: Army athletics will officially be known as Army West Point athletics.

The U.S. Army and West Point are indivisible. To separate the Army from West Point is to take away the purpose of the United States Military Academy. Since its founding in 1802, West Point has produced soldier scholars for America. The best education in the nation hones the intellect, while the tough physical and military training creates the warrior.

The Army West Point primary mark perfectly portrays the soldier scholar ideal. Athena’s helmet symbolizes wisdom while the sword represents the warrior ready for battle. Soldier Scholar. Army West Point.

Army West Point