UAB supporters raise $6 million to fund football


Here’s hoping the efforts of the UAB faithful do not go to waste. If nothing else, the support seems to be there for UAB football, should it ever actually return.

According to Justin Craft, the head of a task force fundraising subcommittee, the UAB Football Foundation received over 154 pledges to help reinstate football along with bowling and women’s rifle. All three sports were victims of a university board decision in late 2014 to save money. However, follow-up studies have suggested there was never a need to shutdown the football program, at least to the extent university leadership suggested at the time the decision became public.

“I’m overwhelmed at the support,” Craft told “This is really something people want. I think Birmingham wants this program to return.”

Those who are loyal to the UAB football program have been vocal, and this is just another way to show any amount of support for the possible return of the program. There will be no UAB football in 2015, and the earliest it could feasibly return appears to be 2016 at the earliest at this point. There is no suggestion that will happen at this time however, and Conference USA has already made the move to cut ties with UAB as a member in all sports, which does not appear to bode well for the university.

But hope will remain alive for as long as the support comes in from the fans.