911 call from Dalvin Cook incident released


On the same day that Jimbo Fisher was quoted saying that his football program has “no tolerance for hitting women,” additional information regarding one of his football players allegedly hitting a woman has surfaced.

The Tallahassee Democrat has posted online the audio of the 911 call connected to the Dalvin Cook incident last month.  The Florida State running back was charged with battery after a female claimed that he punched her in the face while both were at a Tallahassee bar.

In the audio, which you can listen to by clicking HERE — warning: there’s a bit of graphic language in the call — the woman, who stressed that she wanted to press charges, twice claims at the beginning of the call that an unnamed football player had punched her in the mouth, bloodying her lip.  She said a group of 5-7 men, who identified themselves as FSU football players, got “rowdy” after the alleged victim’s friend didn’t want to talk to them and the alleged victim told them to back off.

The player she described as having dreads called her a “bitch” and a “ho” before he punched her and “bust[ed] my lip.”  She acknowledged on the call that her and her friend were inebriated.

By the end of the call, the woman, who told the 911 operator that she didn’t need medical attention, was in tears when discussing what she alleged happened.  The players had all left the scene prior to the arrival of police officers.

“There’s no tolerance for hitting women,” Fisher stated earlier today. “You’re judged by what you do and we’ve had a couple of instances, just like other people have, too. It’s not a Florida State problem, it’s a national problem. It’s not just an athletic problem, it’s a domestic problem across our country. … we don’t tolerate it or accept it.”

Cook, who led the team in rushing as a true freshman last season, was indefinitely suspended by the football program shortly after the incident.  Cook’s attorney, who lashed out publicly at those assuming his client’s guilt, is also upset that Cook’s arraignment was pushed back to Sept. 2.

That new arraignment date is now scheduled to take place three days prior to FSU’s Sept. 5 opener against Texas State, which Cook’s legal representation finds highly suspect and is a maneuver to force the player to accept a plea deal.  The lawyer has stated that his client is innocent and will not accept any type of deal.