Mack Brown: Don’t blame me for state of Texas program


As the fallout from the Shellacking in South Bend continues down Austin way, Tim Griffin of the San Antonio Express-News caught up with former head ‘Horn Mack Brown on duty for ESPN at a Baylor practice.

The article is behind a paywall, but thankfully fellow E-N writer Mike Finger shared the money quote for us:


Read through that again and see what Mack’s really saying: Because I didn’t give John Mackovic credit for what he left behind, I shouldn’t take any blame for what I didn’t leave behind.

What exactly did Brown’s predecessor leave him, exactly? Here’s a brief list:


  • 1998 Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams
  • 2001 first round draft pick and five-time Pro Bowler Casey Hampton
  • 2001 first round draft pick and three-time Pro Bowler Leonard Davis
  • 2001 second round draft pick Shaun Rogers
  • Quarterback Major Applewhite, still the owner of 20 UT/Big 12 passing records


Brown left behind five 2015 NFL Draft picks, including first-rounder Malcom Brown… and the mess that is what’s left on the roster. To be clear, in no way is the state of Texas football 100 percent Brown’s fault. Mack didn’t force Charlie Strong to hire Shawn Watson (demoted on Tuesday) and Les Koenning (fired after 2014 season) or retain Bruce Chambers (ditto). Still, in no way is Brown 100 percent absolved of blame, either.

Let’s see how Brown’s comments are playing back in the homeland.