UM fan got the Big House boot for ‘grabbing or slapping’ Beaver player


It appears Oregon State players weren’t just being assaulted the field during their 35-7 beatdown at the hands of Michigan.

A UM official confirmed to that one person in attendance at Saturday’s was kicked out of Michigan Stadium after he allegedly assaulted an unnamed OSU football player.  Specifically, the website wrote, “[t]he man was ejected for ‘grabbing or slapping’ an Oregon State player’s helmet as the player was walking in the tunnel near the field.”

The site added that the unnamed “man was identified by security and other fans in the section, and was removed from the stadium.”

The fan could also face criminal charges in connection to the incident as campus police have been in contact with prosecutors regarding the incident. UM police are seeking authorization to arrest the man.

A total of six individuals were kicked out of Jim Harbaugh‘s first game as Wolverines head coach in the Big House, two each for assault, disorderly conduct and illicit alcohol on the stadium premises.