Clemson again tops latest CFP rankings, Oklahoma moves from 12th to 7th


Despite some thought to the contrary, Clemson again held off Alabama for the top spot in the latest College Football Playoff rankings. In fact, the entire top five remain intact from last week while Oklahoma State replace Baylor at No. 6. The Cowboys host the 10th-ranked Bears Saturday.

In the biggest shock of the night, Oklahoma moved from 12th only to seventh after last week’s 44-34 win at then-No. 6 Baylor.

TCU fell from 15th to 18th after a close win at Kansas, while Utah dropped from 10th to 13th – one spot behind a Michigan team the Utes beat on opening night. Stanford dropped from seventh to 11th following a home loss to Oregon.

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North Carolina jumped from 23rd to 17th, while Navy climbed the ladder up to 16th.

Ole Miss (22), Oregon (23) and USC (24) joined the rankings, the latter two for the first time this season.

The full rankings:

1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Ohio State
4. Notre Dame
5. Iowa
6. Oklahoma State
7. Oklahoma
8. Florida
9. Michigan State
10. Baylor
11. Stanford
12. Michigan
13. Utah
14. Florida State
15. LSU
16. Navy
17. North Carolina
18. TCU
19. Houston
20. Northwestern
21. Memphis
22. Ole Miss
23. Oregon
24. USC
25. Wisconsin