Dabo Swinney rented out an amusement park for Clemson


They say going to an amusement park in December can be the best possible time to go, because the visitor traffic is usually less than in the summer months. Crowds were no problem for Clemson’s football team at Frankie’s Fun Park on Saturday. That is because head coach Dabo Swinney rented out the whole place for his team. The 13-0 and top-ranked Clemson Tigers deserved it.

If there is one thing Swinney seems to excel at, it is finding ways to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere within the football program. Sometimes your team needs to cut loose and have some fun to take the tension and pressure off from the regular grind of football practices, film sessions and more in preparing for a bowl game or playoff run. By renting out an entire amusement park for the team, Swinney made sure his players are going to have some fun as a reward for plenty fo hard work this season and still to come in the next week.

Clemson will take on Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl semifinal of the College Football Playoff on December 31.