In statement, ’embarrassed’ Trevone Boykin offers ‘no excuses for my poor decision’


By far the biggest story leading into the second College Football Playoff had nothing to do with any of the four teams that would be taking the field today; instead, star TCU quarterback Trevone Boykins stole all of the early New Year’s Eve headlines thanks to a disappointing off-field incident.

Boykin was charged with, among other things, felony assault of a police officer following an incident outside of a San Antonio drinking establishment very early Thursday morning.  The altercation, which was preceded by Boykin skipping out of the team hotel following bed check, led to Boykin being suspended for the Alamo Bowl matchup with Oregon, leaving his teammates in a lurch and effectively ending his collegiate playing career.

In a statement sent out via his Twitter account, the senior, who described himself as “embarrassed” over the situation, said “[w]ords can’t describe how truly sorry I am” for the incident, and that he has “no excuses for my very poor decision.”