Judge dismisses lawsuit against UNC over alleged failure to provide quality education


A lawsuit filed against the University of North Carolina accusing the school of a failure to provide a quality education to student-athletes has been dismissed by a county judge on Friday. The dismissal, filed by two former student-athletes at UNC including former football player James Arnold, will now be appealed at the state’s court of appeals.

Superior Court Judge Richard Ervin tossed the lawsuit aside after determining the statute of limitations had expired. The plaintiffs in the case claimed they were deprived of the opportunity to receive a proper education because administrators and assistants guided the student-athletes toward easy or sham classes. This was the focus of recent investigations into the school’s academic integrity. An attorney for the plaintiffs stressed the importance of this case not only for UNC student-athletes at UNC but also student-athletes across the nation.

UNC, as you might imagine, was perfectly fine with the judge’s decision.

The NCAA accused UNC of a lack of institutional control last June in a 59-page notice of allegations submitted to the school.