Police report: Mario Pender refused to cooperate, demanded Jimbo Fisher


A day after Mario Pender was dismissed by the Florida State program, the details regarding his arrest this weekend have started to become reported. Pender was charged with resisting an officer without violence along with his domestic battery charge, and he reportedly refused to get in a police vehicle unless Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher arrived on the scene. Pender eventually did give in and Fisher did not make an appearance on the scene.

The Tallahassee Democrat provided the initial details of the Pender incident, some of which were pretty harsh with regard to the domestic battery charge. Per the police report, Tallahassee police responded to a call about an argument about half a mile from Doak Campbell Stadium. The man, alleged to be Pender, was witnessed dragging a woman by her hair outside a house. The caller to 911 suggested this was not the first time an incident like this had happened, although there is no evidence to suggest one way or the other how valid that claim is at this time.

An officer responding on the scene pushed a door down after hearing yelling from inside the house, where he found Pender “straddling the woman with his hands around her neck.” As the sequence of events continued, Pender later refused to get in a police car until his head coach, Jimbo Fisher, made an appearance on the scene.

From The Tallahassee Democrat;

Pender initially said he would not get in the police car “until a supervisor and (FSU head coach) Jimbo Fisher responded to the scene,” court documents said. FSU officials said Fisher never went to the scene. Pender eventually got into the car and was taken to the Leon County Jail.

Florida State dismissed Pender from the program Saturday, following the arrest.