Rutgers caught copying Michigan’s social media strategy


Some say imitation is the cheapest form of flattery. Others simply call it plagiarism. New Rutgers head coach Chris Ash and the Rutgers staff got called out for taking a page out of the Michigan recruiting playbook and executing it a little too closely.

A year ago, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh shared a birthday greeting to recruit Lavert Hill. Someone in the Michigan graphic arts department caught a glimpse of what Rutgers was planning to do, and it looked strikingly similar. Perhaps it was too similar to be a complete coincidence.

Yep, that looks like a direct copy and paste of a social networking strategy. Now, it should be said ideas and social media concepts are copied all the time in sports, and it is all about establishing a connection with recruits and players. If it worked for Michigan, others will surely see that and look to emulate the success where it can. This is juts how this stuff works.

Of course, given how Rutgers is trying to play up a “Jersey Strong” campaign, it should be no surprise those at Rutgers are lacking for original ideas.