Untimed — and controversial — Hail Mary lateral pushes Central Michigan past stunned Oklahoma State


Who, other than I and just about everyone else, said this was an utterly craptastic slate of games with absolutely no redeeming value whatsoever?

On one of the wildest endings you’ll ever see that probably shouldn’t have been allowed to happen, Central Michigan stunned No. 22 Oklahoma State in Stillwater 30-27.  The game-winning score came on an untimed down, with quarterback Cooper Rush launching a desperation Hail Mary from midfield that was short of the end zone around the 10-yard line but landed in the arms of Jesse Kroll… who then lateraled it to Malik Fountain… who scampered the remaining nine yards to drive the dagger deep into OSU’s heart.

How CMU got a shot at the miracle will be the stuff of legend and controversy for years to come.

The Cowboys were facing a fourth down with four seconds left in the game when head coach Mike Gundy called for quarterback Mason Rudolph to throw the ball out of bounds to run out the remainder of the clock and secure the win. However, the officials flagged Rudolph for intentional grounding as there were no Cowboy receivers in sight and gave the Chips one untimed play.

That one play, however, shouldn’t have happened.

That oops, as the officiating guru put it, cost OSU a win.  And could prove costly down the road come playoff time.

Despite the egregious nature of the officiating, there is no recourse for OSU and the loss will stand.  In infamy.