Steak house in Michigan offering half-off steaks following dismantling of Rutgers


Promotions involving discounts on food and/or beverages depending on the result of a football game always have a way of backfiring from time to time. On Saturday, one promotion by a steak house in Michigan could have put a big dent in the coffers if not for a tiny bit of legal mumble jumble.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Ann Arbor was offering a discount on steak dinners on a sliding scale according to Michigan’s margin of victory against Rutgers Saturday night (the promotion runs through the end of the season as well). One percentage off the meal’s bill will be taken off for each point Michigan defeats their opponent by. For example, a 14-point victory would mean customers would get 14 percent off their next bill.

Michigan won 78-0 on Saturday night, but diners to be should not get too excited about a possible 78 percent off steak dinner. The promotion is capped at 50 percent. Regardless, that sounds like a pretty sweet and juicy deal to sink your teeth into.