Department of Education opens Title IX investigation at Baylor


The United States Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is investigating Baylor University for potential Title IX violations. The investigation comes following public scrutiny over Baylor’s handling of sexual assault cases dating back to August 2015.

The investigation goes back to when Sam Ukwuachu was convicted of sexual assault after transferring to Baylor from Boise State. Following his conviction, Baylor hired Pepper Hamilton to thoroughly review the way the university handled various accusations related to sexual abuse. The findings of the report were scathing and ultimately led to sweeping changes at the university, including the removal of head football coach Art Briles, the reassignment of chancellor Ken Starr and probation for Athletic director Ian McCaw. Baylor has since seen its Title IX coordinator (Patty Crawford) resign and later claim Baylor did not take her efforts seriously.

Baylor already has legal issues piling up now. Four Title IX lawsuits have been filed against the university. The university continues to also remain silent on some concerns as the school looks to regroup and recover from such a horrible situation.