Bobby Bowden released from hospital after receiving pacemaker


Legendary college football coach Bobby Bowden was released form a hospital in Tallahassee on Wednesday a day after having a pacemaker installed.

Bowden, 87, was taken to a hospital in Tallahassee on Friday after a case of dehydration and nausea from antibiotics for a swollen salivary gland, according to The Tallahassee Democrat. During his stay in the hospital over the weekend, it was discovered Bowden was in need of a pacemaker.

“My heart (beat) had gotten so low, they had never seen it that low on me,” Bowden said. “That pacemaker will help solve that. I hope I get to feeling better and I think I am going to be much stronger now. It will mess me up for a little bit, but I hope it solves everything.”

Bowden still seems to have a sense of humor, lamenting the fact he has to give up swinging a few golf clubs, but at least he continues to live life to the fullest.