Alabama fans kick Deshaun Watson out of Tuscaloosa bar


The most recent national championship game was one of the best games ever on the sport’s grandest stage… unless you were on the losing end of a last second play for a title. As a result, it’s probably not too surprising to know that Alabama fans are not exactly thrilled with Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson right now after what happened in Tampa a few months ago.

How much do the Tide dislike the soon-to-be NFL signal-caller? Enough to kick him out of a Tuscaloosa bar as Watson dined with his girlfriend on Friday. obtained video of the incident thanks to a patron present at the bar:

Reportedly, former Alabama linebacker Ryan Andersen was also involved in ushering Watson out the door at the Innisfree Irish Pub as well. A Facebook post from the bar apologized for what happened and noted that several individuals were asked to leave after invoking “the right to refuse service on our behalf.”

One would be right in questioning the decision making of Watson of going to a Tuscaloosa bar in public on a Friday given what he has done to the Tide on the field the past two seasons but at least this was the best defense Alabama has played against the quarterback in that same time frame.