Texas ups facilities arms race with new $10k lockers complete with TV’s as name plates


While head coach Tom Herman may have stumbled in taking a sledgehammer to the Texas locker room, the new digs in Austin for the Longhorns will make just about everybody forget about those demolition issues.

The richest athletic department in the country is sparing no expense when it comes to the team’s new facilities and that becomes readily apparent when you take in what the new UT lockers will be like for players. Case in point? The burnt orange won’t just put up a nice name plate for their players, but will instead post a 43-inch flat-screen TV above their new lockers.

The total cost for each locker? Per FoxSports’ Bruce Feldman, it’s a whopping $10,500 each.

This might be the best example yet of when you can’t pay the players, schools end up spending that money on superfluous things like this. No word on what rival Texas A&M will do in response but one figures holographic technology might be used to one-up the Longhorns.