South Carolina will hire live DJ for home game entertainment this fall


South Carolina may not have the historical success that some of their peers in the SEC have had but there’s little doubt that there are few things cooler in college football than hearing ‘Sandstorm’ blasting around Williams-Brice Stadium as the Gamecocks take the field.

The school is apparently not content to just leave it to that entrance music to keep the crowd into the game however because The State reports that South Carolina will be hiring a live DJ this fall to keep the party going during down times in the action.

“It’s not like we’re going to play music between every play, but we will be learning from Game 1 to Game 7 what resonates with the fans and the players,” senior associate athletics director for marketing and branding Eric Nichols told the paper. “I expect it to be very positive. The music is an area that we needed to improve, and we are putting human resources and financial resources into making it better.”

The Gamecocks are far from the only program to employ a DJ but what is very intriguing is the fact that the practice was in many ways popularized by rival Clemson, which has had their own DJ for home games at Death Valley the past few seasons. Given that the Tigers play in Columbia to end the regular season for both teams in 2017, perhaps a DJ spin-off will be the latest addition to the fierce Palmetto Bowl.