Ex-USC assistant Todd McNair testifies Reggie Bush gave him over $60,000 after being let go by school


Reggie Bush has not really gone on record about his actions that led to the NCAA dropping severe sanctions on his alma mater USC but it turns out that the former Heisman Trophy winner did help out his old position coach who was brought down by the scandal he was the central figure in.

As part of his continuing defamation suit against the NCAA, former Trojans running backs coach Todd McNair testified last week that Bush gave him over $60,000 in loans that didn’t need to be paid back in order to help his former mentor out after he was let go by the school in 2010 after six years with the program.

Per the LA Times:

“That was just him helping you out, correct?” NCAA attorney Kosta Stojilkovic asked.

“Yes,” McNair responded.

NCAA President Mark Emmert was also involved in the case last week, with his video deposition being played for the jury in Los Angeles in which he defended the Committee on Infractions’ decision and the subsequent sanctions against the Trojans. That included some 30 scholarships lost, a two year bowl ban, and a show cause penalty for McNair, who has been out of coaching ever since and has battled the NCAA in court for years.

The trial is set to continue through next week, if not longer, before the jury goes to deliberations in the matter.