Oklahoma shows off brand new Jordan branded uniforms


Oklahoma is the next school to suit up with the Jordan Jumpman logo on its football uniform starting this season, and the Sooners showed off what the new uniforms will look like. Thankfully, you’ll barely be able to tell the difference between these football uniforms and any others previously worn by the Big 12 program.

The look is still the same as you would expect from Oklahoma with the standard home and away uniforms, but you may have caught a glimpse of a white helmet in the video reveal. In fact, there are multiple helmets shown off in the video reveal. In addition to the standard uniform, there will be two helmets with a stripe down the middle. It looks as though Oklahoma will have four uniform combinations to choose from this fall, which of course does not include the possibilities of mixing and matching uniform elements and helmets.

All of the looks shown off mimic recent looks, both standard and alternate, worn by the Sooners within the last few years. There may be some mild differences that would be revealed during a closer inspection, but the basic premises seen in the past few years appears to be sticking around for another year in Norman.

Oklahoma joins Michigan and North Carolina in being outfitted for football by the Jordan Brand division of Nike.