Miami unveils new, much gaudier turnover chain.. and it’s glorious


Miami’s turnover chain was the talk of college football for a few minutes of the 2017 season.  In the second game of the 2018 season, The U gave those with a football jewelry lean something further to talk about.

In the second quarter of Miami’s game with FCS Savannah State, sophomore cornerback Trajan Bandy recovered a fumble.  When the defensive back got to the sidelines, he became the first to have the new, improved turnover chain draped around his neck.

And, goodness, it’s a gaudy — and glorious — sight to behold.

The player who draped the new chain on Bandy, Malek Young, was the first to receive the original chain last season.  In January of this year, Young underwent career-ending neck surgery to repair damage sustained in the Orange Bowl loss to Wisconsin.

According to, the chain, at seven pounds, is two pounds heavier than the old chain.  It’s also three inches longer.  Additionally, 4,000 stones are used to decorate the Sebastian the Ibis pendant; the retired chain didn’t even have 900 stones total.