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Boise State lets new all-black uniform out of the stable

As the college football season rapidly approaches, uniform teases and reveals for the upcoming year are starting to make the rounds with a bit more frequency. Boise State joined in on the fun on Monday with the reveal for the blackout uniform the Broncos will wear this season.

And of course, because the focus is just about as much as grabbing a viral moment online as it is to impress high school recruits and the current players, Boise State showed off this year’s blackout uniform with a dramatic trailer. Why not?

The social media rollout featured the tagline of “Black out the Blue” which was driven home in the closing moment of the video when the Boise State logo had the blue in the logo switch to black (although the orange actually changed to blue, seemingly contradicting the motto just a bit).

The uniform, as every college football uniform this season around the country will include, features the 150th-anniversary patch in honor of college football’s 150th season this fall.

Boise State has worn all-black uniforms in recent years, so the idea the Broncos would do so again this fall was certainly never in much doubt. As for when exactly these uniforms will be worn remains in some question as well. The Broncos open the year in Jacksonville against Florida State, but it may not be likely this uniform will be worn for that game. The Broncos are on the road against two teams that wear blue this season, BYU and Utah State, so those games don’t appear to be suggested by the motto. Air Force travels to Boise at the end of September, which seem to make sense. But for now, it’s anyone’s guess.

Now, if only Boise State could manage to get their turf to look black for when these uniforms are worn…