Opening up alcohol sales continues to pay off for SEC programs


The SEC’s decision to open up the taps for fans in general seating areas of the conference’s stadiums continues to pay off in a big way for member school’s respective bottom lines. Texas A&M and Ole Miss were some of the latest programs to join the gravy train and each has to be quite happy with how the experiment has worked out so far in 2019 judging by the amount of cash generated on a typical game.

You can start in College Station where, according to the Dallas Morning News, the Aggies reported roughly $840,000 in alcohol sales for four games in non-suite areas.

“I would say until we get through the season, it’s probably too early to make that final statement,” AD Ross Bjork told the paper. “But based on how it’s going, it’s been really I think successful, knock on wood we don’t have any issues the last three games.

Things were equally lucrative in Oxford, where Ole Miss sold adult beverages to the general public for the first time when they hosted Texas A&M last Saturday. The school’s brass told the Parrish Alford Daily Journal that they sold over 15,000 units of beer or alcohol for the game against the Aggies — resulting in roughly $128,000. LSU put both of their SEC West rivals to shame with over $200,000 worth of alcoholic beverage sales in the Tigers’ first home game of the season alone.

Schools across the country have been reporting similar successes with sales in light of new state or conference regulations, including a huge jump in concession sales at North Carolina to over $1 million in just three games. Seven SEC schools have so far opened up the taps and based on the figures programs have made public in recent weeks, it seems like a number that is sure to grow over the coming year or two.