Nebraska to stream simulated spring game featuring Husker legends


In the spirit of the spring football season, Nebraska is moving forward with a backup plan for its spring game this weekend. Rather than a traditional spring football game in Memorial Stadium, Nebraska will load up some customized rosters in an old copy of NCAA Football (RIP, NCAA Football video games) and stream a simulated spring game featuring some familiar Nebraska players.

To keep things as authentic as possible, Nebraksa will also arrange to have local radio audio infused to the stream to give it more of a Husker flavor.

There has been no indication what Nebraska players of Huskers’ past will be appearing digitally in the simulated spring game, but it should be fun to see who is on the roster. Seeing a digital Tommie Frazier would be fun. A digital Scott Frost feels like a given.

Spring football is a rich tradition at Nebraska. The Huskers typically pack Memorial Stadium with 70,000 or so fans, give or take a few, to be one of the top spring game crowds in the country year in and year out. But with COVID-19precautions not allowing for mass gatherings around the country, spring football games have effectively been put on the shelf, including at Nebraska. But rather than throw away an opportunity to showcase the football program, Nebraska has found a way to stay in the spirit of the spring game festivities. Sure, this may not be exactly the same experience for Nebraska fans, but it is most certainly better than nothing.

Nebraska will stream the simulated spring game on its Twitch channel on Saturday afternoon.