College Football in Coronavirus Quarantine: On this day in CFT history, including a 2018 raise that made then-Iowa strength coach Chris Doyle higher-paid than nearly three dozen FBS head coaches


The sports world, including college football, had essentially screeched to a halt in the spring as countries around the world battled the coronavirus pandemic. As such, there was a dearth of college football news as the sport went into a COVID-induced hibernation.  Slowly, though, the game is coming back to life.  Hopefully.

That being said, we thought it might be fun to go back through the CollegeFootballTalk archives that stretch back to 2009 and take a peek at what transpired in the sport on this date.

So, without further ado — ok, one further ado — here’s what happened in college football on July 25, by way of our team of CFT writers both past and present.

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THE HEADLINE: LSU will officially sell alcohol in Tiger Stadium this season
THE SYNOPSIS: By the end of the 2019 campaign — and during it — Tiger fans had plenty of reasons to drink in celebration.


THE HEADLINE: Nick Saban: Jalen Hurts told Alabama coach ‘I am going to be here’
THE SYNOPSIS: Six months later, the quarterback transferred to Oklahoma.


THE HEADLINE: Iowa’s strength coach nets raise, makes him higher paid than nearly three dozen FBS head coaches
THE SYNOPSIS: Amidst controversy, Chris Doyle lost his job as the Iowa strength & conditioning coach last month.


THE HEADLINE: Urban Meyer: Greg Schiano ‘will be head coach’ again after turning down two ‘significant’ jobs this offseason
THE SYNOPSIS: Meyer proved prescient as, two years later, Schiano returned as the head coach at Rutgers.


THE HEADLINE: Florida’s Geoff Collins could become next million-dollar coordinator
THE SYNOPSIS: At the time, nine assistants made seven figures.  Three years later, per the USA Today coaches salary database, that number had nearly tripled to 24.


THE HEADLINE: Three years after the NCAA hammer, Penn State still alive and well
THE SYNOPSIS: Penn State in 2012 was hit with sanctions that were just this side of SMU’s death penalty.  In the eight seasons since, they have not won fewer than seven games.  The past four seasons, the Nittany Lions have won 10-plus games in three of them.


THE HEADLINE: Oklahoma’s 5-star RB Joe Mixon “involved in serious altercation”
THE SYNOPSIS: To say it was serious would be an understatement.


THE HEADLINE: Florida removes Aaron Hernandez’s All-American brick from stadium
THE SYNOPSIS: The move came amidst the former Gator standout being charged in the murder of Odin Lloyd.


THE HEADLINE: After three-year suspension, Georgia OL reinstated by NCAA
THE SYNOPSIS: Kolton Houston‘s years-long odyssey began when he took a banned substance, 19-Norandrosterone, to aid in the healing of a shoulder injury while he was in high school in 2009.  For some inexplicable reason, the drug continued to show up in testing and Houston continued to serve out a suspension.