College Football amidst Coronavirus Pandemic: On this day in CFT history, including Texas A&M got down & dirty — and crude & sexist — at football clinic for women


The sports world, including college football, had essentially screeched to a halt in the spring as countries around the world battled the coronavirus pandemic. As such, there was a dearth of college football news as the sport went into a COVID-induced hibernation.  Slowly, though, the game is coming back to life.  Hopefully.

That being said, we thought it might be fun to go back through the CollegeFootballTalk archives that stretch back to 2009 and take a peek at what transpired in the sport on this date.

So, without further ado — ok, one further ado — here’s what happened in college football on July 29, by way of our team of CFT writers both past and present.

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THE HEADLINE: Roll Bucky: Alabama, Wisconsin announce home-and-home for 2024-25
THE SYNOPSIS: The Big Ten and SEC schools have met just twice previously.  The first matchup, Badgers win, came way back in 1928.  The most recent one, a Crimson Tide win, opened the 2015 season.  The 2024 game will mark Alabama’s first game inside a Big Ten stadium since a 27-11 win at Penn State in 2011.


THE HEADLINE: Nick Saban’s wish for SEC scheduling has support from LSU Deputy AD
THE SYNOPSIS: Saban’s scheduling wish?  For Power Fives to play nothing but other Power Fives.


THE HEADLINE: Lane Kiffin feels for White House Chief of Staff booted by Donald Trump
THE SYNOPSIS: Reince Priebus was given the boot off of Air Force One.  Kiffin was pulled off the bus and fired as USC’s head coach in the parking area of a private terminal at Los Angeles International Airport in September of 2013.


THE HEADLINE: Texas A&M got down & dirty — and crude & sexist — at football clinic for women
THE SYNOPSIS: Among the pass-blocking do’s? “Spread them again.” “Get erect.” “Stay erect.” “Bang him hard.” Four years later, it’s still amazing that someone green-lit this presentation.


THE HEADLINE: Mike Leach continues stumping for 64-team playoff
THE SYNOPSIS: Personally, I’d settle for eight.  But, would still push for 16.


THE HEADLINE: Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes have national title expectations
THE SYNOPSIS: Six months later, Ohio State beat Oregon to claim the first-ever College Football Playoff championship.


THE HEADLINE: Texas A&M says Big 12 best show them the money
THE SYNOPSIS: In the end, it was the SEC that ended up showing the Aggies the money.  For the 2019 fiscal year, A&M received $45.3 million from the SEC.  Individual Big 12 members, meanwhile, were paid in the neighborhood of $40 million.


THE HEADLINE: Poll names Bear Bryant #3 all-time coach in sports
THE SYNOPSIS: The only coaches ahead of the Alabama legend? UCLA’s John Wooden and Green Bay’s Vince Lombardi.